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Safe & Secure

Our hosting comes with an encrypted certificate. We offer this completely free and renewed annually from our-side.

Locally Hosted

Slow website loading speeds can damange your business? That’s why we have all our sites hosted locally on our dedicated sever.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Global mobile and tablet browsing accounting for 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%. – stats 2016

Web Design

Understanding your product & service and designing a website that conveys clearly what you do will help convert all marketing efforts. 


Every email is just as important. Any business can’t afford to let one slip through the cracks. We have the latest technology that keeps your emails safe and secure.


A Short video to tell your clients why & what you do for your website.
This can also be used to market your business better on social media.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the best ways you can market yourself online. We can help you make simple yet effective ads.

SEO Google Ranking

Getting Ranked on Google is vital for free organic traffic. We ensure your website is equiped to handle this. Click here to see the benefits of SEO

Social Media Marketing

From Updates to a Facebook Marketing Campaign. Let us know and we will assist you with setup and updates daily/weekly. 


Suni Rajcoomar

Director of East Coast Cabs Umhlanga

Hi, I’m Sunil Rajcoomar, owner of East Coast Cabs, I’m here to vouch for Ushir Shah whose been my guy who has helped me with my SEO for my company. The business has grown 6 times by Ushir using his expertise in IT and SEO field to grow the website and bring more clients to the business. Whatever money I have spent I have recovered it more than 10 times. I can really vouch he will do a professional job, whatever you spend you are sure to bring in more business and build your brand. When I met Ushir I did not even have a website, I had two old vehicles now I have got 5 brand new vehicles and a luxury vehicle an Audi plus I bought two properties, and that’s with all the expansion of my business through marketing. I have been one of the guys that decided to spend money on advertising rather than spend money on advertising to sell my business when it fails.”

SS Angrove

Dress Dreamz Custom Printing

“I am blown away by the impressive service I received. Our website was up and running the same day that I confirmed it. Our email addresses were done by 8pm that evening even though they were only supposed to be done the next day. Really and truly impressed with the customer service. It is a really rare thing these days. Thank you so much! Very happy customer”

Siyambonga Hillie

All round field technicians, project management and more. www.fefeluthu.co.za

“Have been working with the guys from HashtagWeb for sometime now. Their working standards and assists is out of this world. They are the best in their field and will keep working with them for a long time.”

Our Team

Founder & Director of HashtagWeb.
This picture is 10 years old!:)

Ushir Shah

Jolandie is always making sure HashtagWeb is running smoothly. Situated at our head office in Durban.

Jolandie Wessels

Wayne is our Head Web Developer ensuring your websites are delivered on time with perfection.

Wayne Whitehead