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The Results

We Live and We Learn now has a professional website that allows students of various grades to book online sessions with their teachers and find useful resources to aid them in studying.

Connecting teachers and students via an online platform at times that are convenient for both ensures that great levels of education are maintained.

Not only is this beneficial to the students, but also to the society that these students will one day lead.

Project Info

Helping We Live and We Learn reach students virtually by creating a professional website as a platform for learning and booking online lessons.


We Live and We Learn



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Ushir Shah

The Challenge

We Live and We Learn offers school tuition and career development in the form of group or one on one sessions with students.

With Covid disabling face to face teachings, We Live and We Learn needed an Online platform for their students to be able to reach out to them.

They needed a way for students to book online lessons for multiple grades, subjects and teachers.

The Solution

In the world of technology that we live in, we understand the importance of having a strong online presence.

The first thing we did for We Live and We Learn was providing them with tips on what kind of information people look for on websites and sent them a few templates to choose from that will suit their level of content and showcase their work in a professional and clear way.

It was also very important for us to understand what exactly they wished to accomplish with their website.

Once they selected the template they preferred, we took their information and replaced it with the template information. We also had to implement a certain plugin to allow students to book lessons via the website and choose their subject, grade and teacher.

While we were working on the design of their beautiful website, we also set them up with professional business email addresses.

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