Top 10 Free Ways to Market Your Business Online

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1) Live Videos:

Make live videos on facebook which gets more exposure than pre-recorded videos. If you are shy, just film a product or service and speak behind the camera. Don’t be too quick to sell your product, you rather educate first and build up an audience. Live videos get more interaction. Every time someone likes or comments make sure you comment back with tagging their name, this increases the engagement on that post allowing it to be seen by more people.

2) Video Marketing is huge:

Start creating videos that express emotion and the passion behind what you do and share it on all your social media platforms and within groups. Remember to educate first and show you are the expert.

3) Facebook Groups:

Join Facebook groups that are related to your business or area and share your wisdom so you build a reputable name for yourself within that group. Do it with live or pre-recorded videos and then have watch parties on those same videos.

4) Watch Parties:

Start a watch party within these groups to get 1000’s of views within a small space of time. Watch parties are facebooks new feature which sends a notification to every user in the group to let them know what you are doing. Thats a potential reach of millions of people. The only catch is the admin of the group must approve the watch party. Some groups allow it all the time.

5) Be of service to others:

Post daily and keep engaging with users throughout social media. Just help help help everyone and they will find you. Offer advice and point them in the right direction. Once you feel you have established more credibility and the expert in your industry then start telling them how they can do more by doing business with you, keep it 80% Help others 20% promote what you are selling.

6) Blogging:

Make written content for these videos and post them on your website to get more traffic from Google. The more quality blogs you have the more shares it will have and therefore Google will rank you higher. You can create a free blog with WordPress. Search Engine Optimization is what you can do later to get more traffic to your blog.

7) Google Maps:

List your business on google maps & get reviews on google maps. This helps businesses in the area find you and know that your the best at what you do. Make sure you are keeping your clients happy and encourage them to review you, if you make them really happy you won’t need to encourage them. 

8) Messenger:

Setup messenger bot. This helps build your list on social media and automatically messages everyone for you when they comment on your post, and then adds them to your list.

9) List on Facebook Marketplace:

This area is on Facebook will slowly start overtaking gumtree as it gets more attention and its integrated within peoples facebook pages. Gumtree you don’t know who you are speaking to. With Facebook, you can vet buyers before meeting them.

10) Start your own Facebook Group:

Once you found people that are interested in what you are doing make sure they have liked your page. Once they have done so make sure you add them to a closed VIP group where you share more information with them. In a group, users will definitely see your content more because its interactive and yes i’m going to say it again… watch parties if you host one and admin approves, they will all get the notification.


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