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Here’s a Curve ball — Let’s take a look at elements you do NOT need on your website. In addition, we show you simple solutions to take your website out of the 90’s and ready for 2019 – clean, sleek and modern. Let’s start:  

1) Over-The-Top Bells & Whistles

This refers to music that auto-plays, flash animations, GIFs that loop and animated cursors.

  • Your website does not need Flash Animations, in fact, Flash Animations are no longer supported on most common browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome since 2016 with plans to completely phase out by 2020 due to Flash being a security risk to a user’s data when in use.

  • Unnecessary music. Not only does a random sound on a website provide a jarring experience for the user, it also distracts the user from the content you are providing on your website. While they fumble for volume control, a decision is being made to leave your website. 

  • Likewise, GIFs that loop and fanciful elements are a sure tell-tale sign that your website was built in 1990 and you never bothered to upgraded your content. 


  • Make your website design clean and to the point. The Power is with Simplicity.
  • Treasure hunts are for pirates – Make information easy to navigate. 
  • Present information in a logical manner. Provide quality information for the user.

Hashtagweb sifts through all of your content and provides suggestions to you before starting development. Your website structure is discussed and confirmed beforehand to ensure clients that visitors on your website have a unique experience. Our developers will provide you with a sleek, modern website that is up-to-date with the latest trends in design. 

2) Blurry images or no use of imagery

  • Users will not read a giant wall of text.

  • Images help break up the information.

  • Users react better to visuals that help explain or describe your content.


  • Make use of royalty free images. There are numerous sites online that allow you to make use of their high-resolution images for your business at no cost to you. 
  • Even better than someone else’s images? Your own photos. Real world images gives users more confidence in a brand than stock images.
  • Get someone to help you take pictures of your office, your team, your work space, etc and watch as your website is suddenly revived with new life.

Hashtagweb can provide you with graphic design services to touch up your real-world images and give you an advantage over your competitors.

3) Dead Links

Is there anything worse than presenting a link to a user and it does not work? Dead links refer to: 

    • Links that go to a page that says ‘Page Does Not Exist’ or ‘404: Page Not Found’. For an example of what this looks like, we have a ‘Dead Link Test’ page on our website which you can view by clicking here


  • Test your website regularly for redundant links and remove or update any links that are no longer working.

Hashtagweb uses software to test for dead links during development and before launching your website to ensure that you are able to present your client with any information that they request. 

4) Your website only works on a computer or laptop

This refers to mobile and tablet responsiveness. Your website is NOT mobile or tablet friendly if:   

  • Pages are cut off or falling off the side of a mobile or tablet screen

  • Links are too close together and the user cannot select them on a mobile or tablet device

  • Contact forms are difficult to fill out when viewed on a mobile or tablet device


  • Your website should have responsiveness built-in so it automatically provides the user a version of your website that best suits their device.

Hashtagweb provides 100% mobile and tablet friendly websites at no extra cost. It is included in any package that you choose.

5) Snail’s pace is no place for the web

You are losing clients if:

  • Your website takes more than 2-5 seconds to load

  • Images do not load at all and in it’s place is a blank space

  • Videos are stored locally on the website and buffer for long time


  • Choose images that are web-friendly in order to load at the fastest speed possible

  • Upload your videos to YouTube instead of your website to speed up loading time

When Hashtagweb does your website we optimize all of your images at no extra cost. This can increase your website optimization score by as much as 30%. Here is a flash fact from Google Mobile: 40% of mobile users have gone to a competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience.  

Need Help fixing your website?

Contact us today for a free consultation or view our Web Design Process to get an in-depth look at what goes into creating a website that takes care of all of the above and more.   

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