A Captivating video will help sell your home.

Ushir Shah has over 10 years experience in Digital Marketing and has helped Real Estate Companies sell their Developments.

Now its time to bring these techniques to the home owner.


What can we offer?

Normally Real Estate Agents have to outsource their marketing to a company that doesn’t care as much about your property as we will.

With us, we are also invested in making sure you see results with your agent and we have partnered with individuals who understand what it takes.  It’s a known fact that the better the marketing did the less of a salesperson one has to be. With us, you are getting the best of both worlds. 

Ushir Shah has over 10 years experience in Digital Marketing and has helped Real Estate Companies sell their Developments and now we want to help you sell your home.

We can’t tell you all the secrets on this page, drop your details below for more info.


Web & Graphic Design

You need only provide us with a brief and we will take care of your complete brand identity. We provide you with a sleek, modern website for your property or development that will capture and allow you to monitor your lead generation.

Property Marketing

We fully research your property or development and provide you with key recommendations such: Audience, Keywords, Branding, Advertising Campaigns, Re-Targeting and Lead Generation.

Video Creation

We provide in-house video creation to showcase your property or development. Videos are rendered in HD Quality and can be exported according to Facebook and Instagram standards for marketing purposes.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers for you. Read more below or send us your query if you have any further enquiries

What will you do differently for my Property / Development?

We will let your property sell through emotionally captivating videos that will get social engagement ultimately bringing you the right buyer. 

How are you going to market for me?

Some of the platforms used to market your property:
– Google
– Facebook
– Instagram

We can’t give away too much here… Let’s talk 😉


If you have a sole mandate with us we will invest further into digital marketing just for your particular property. So you can expect a R1000-R5000 spend from our pocket to make sure your property is seen by interested buyers. The spend is determined by a few factors. Speak to us and we can advise you.


Not at all, the old fashioned techniques still apply to this day and age. We will inform our network of agents about your listing so that they can inform their database. The more information they have the easier they can sell your home!

Imbali Ridge Case Study

The Client:

Avoca Developments is a Durban based property development company. They approached us to create a marketing campaign for them with focus on investment property for sale at a new development called Imbali Ridge Ballito.  


Our client had individual units for sale that were still in development. The real estate was located in the sought after Ballito area.


As with every marketing project the biggest challenge is approaching the question “what makes this product unique?” While there is a large amount of luxury apartments for sale that can be found with a quick property search on Google we wanted our client to stand out from those listings and really connect with quality leads.

Our Strategy:

Whilst conducting industry research for our client’s marketing strategy we found there to be a higher success rate with digital marketing and in particular Social Media Marketing.

Our Social Media Strategy was made up of 3 specific factors: Video Creation, Facebook Marketing and Lead Generation, and Google Adverts. We implemented the following steps in order to achieve the most amount of Leads for this marketing campaign: 

1. Website created for Imbali Ridge Ballito

The website was fully mobile and tablet friendly showcasing important aspects such as Lifestyle, Features, Interiors, 
Location, Media Updates and Galleries.

The website also served as an important tool in analyzing lead generation through tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel installed on the back end of the website. 

2. Video Creation

Professional Video created showcasing the modern, clean and contemporary interiors as well as the magnificent forest and sea views

3. Online Advertising Campaigns

Google Keywords were researched and used in all advertising. 

5 Google Advert Campaigns were set up to target specific keywords related to Imbali Ridge Ballito.

15 Facebook Campaigns were set up to target specific audiences based on their buying potential.

Facebook re-targeting was done on all Facebook Campaigns.

Outcome and Key Results:



The client indicated that the leads generated had exceeded expectations.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, we cannot divulge the number of units sold. Please contact us for more information.

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