10 Reasons to do business with Hashtag Web

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1) Lighting Fast Loading speeds

Your development should be able to build your site in such a way that the user does not have to wait for your site to load on any device. There’s no point having an amazingly designed website that takes forever to load. Thats why your website is hosted on a local dedicated server, one of the best and most expensive servers in South Africa. visit www.hetzner.co.za and check it out for yourself. Not only is it super fast your website has to be optimized for loading speeds. There is no point having a huge image for a thumbnail image on your site. We use https://gtmetrix.com/ to make sure your website is graded of the highest standards

2) Custom Built to the nearest millimeter

What we do is real art, taking your content and laying it out in a manner which clients can experience and understand exactly why you do what you do.  We don’t use pre-built templates which are cumbersome to adjust. We use the latest technology application to help us build on the WordPress framework, the most popular web development framework in the world. Our technology is so easy to use to make changes that you can do so if you wish. We can customize everything from font, colour, border, padding, spacing, animations, images there really is nothing we cannot do for you when its comes to the design aspect of your website.

3) Mobile and Tablet Ready

According to this mobile report a whopping 70% of South Africans are browsing the web from their phone. It is a necessity for your website to display correctly across Windows, iOS, Apple and Android platforms with engaging design that keeps your audience on your web page for as long as possible. Google recently announced ‘Mobile-First Indexing’ which means if a user is on a mobile phone Google will give preference in the search results to websites that are mobile-friendly. There has never been a better time to make your site mobile-friendly. You can test your mobile responsiveness here. Hashtag Web provides websites that are 100% Mobile and Tablet Friendly.

4) Built for expansion and easy modifications

We use the latest technology that allows us to easily make changes and grow your website as you grow as a business. There is no need to change templates or to start over from scratch as we do not use templates. Once your site is built on our platform it’s there forever.

5) We build your site whilst focusing on lead generation

You need a site that also takes into consideration the flow of the user experience and position the information to acquire them as a lead.

6) Social Media Integration

Your clients are online and want to interact with you. Ensure you have the relevant social media pages for your business and it is integrated into your website. Social media broadens the reach of your brand and helps increase traffic to your website and awareness of your services/products. Integrating your website with these social media platforms will also improve your SEO rankings. As long as you maintain your social media platforms and engage with your clients it will be a valuable tool to integrate on your website.

7) Security

Your website should not make your users data vulnerable. Ensure your site has SSL certification and does not let any 3rd parties steal data that clients enter on your website. SSL Certification provides peace of mind to users knowing that the data they are entering on your website is encrypted and cannot be leaked.

8) Tracking

Google Analytics provides real-time insights on your website and gives you a clear indication if your website is doing its job. Sign up for Google Analytics and send us your Tracking Code. We add your unique code to your website and start monitoring all users that visit your site and how they interact with it. The results, ranging from conversions, traffic, session duration or bounce rate will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t and you can tweak your site from there to get 100% results from any user visiting your site. Weekly or monthly reports can be set up to be emailed to you for quick update on your website’s stats.

9) Easy Navigation

Your website should be easy to understand for a first-time user. Website structure should be well thought out and presented in a sequential manner showing preference to the important information first. The user should not be confused with what is presented to them else it will be a frustrating experience to navigate through a difficult website. We will provide you with a recommended website structure if you are not sure how to lay out your content.

10) A comprehensive website design

We give you a full checklist with all the elements required for a complete and effective website design. We don’t just take your content and spit out anything for you so you can be on your way. For us business is a long-lasting relationship ensuring we are both growing strength to strength.

Does your website take care of your business? Contact us today for a free consultation.  

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